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Video Collection 4

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The Shitty Stiletto
After a rude but sweet intro, hear me fart and watch my pussy dew soaking my pantyhose. Feeding one of my slaves is always fun and I`m never getting bored of doing it over and over again. This time I dip my iridescent stiletto in shit and gently push it deep down my slave`s throat.

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I`m tha bomb and by that I mean nuclear. It`s going to be a blast, look at my glove covered in my nuclear waste. He`ll stay covered in my creamy brown shit till I decide to allow him to take a shower. But until then he will enjoy the scat facial

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Flapper Using The Crapper
Welcome to the ROARRRRRRing 20`s! After dancing the Charlston I`m getting my sweaty feet licked and after that I make my slave savour the first turd of the decade. This is going to be memorable. What a way to start the decade.

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Treat for Solange
Can you imagine how fun is to be in Solange`s place? You can only dream about it and fantasize how awesome that hot and creamy megaload of shit is tasting and smelling. Keep on dreaming!

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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