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mistress ingrid frost logo yellow
mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

Information about Mistress Ingrid Frost

I’m the offspring of darkness! The dark depths of my soul, no human has unvailed !
in my veins is running transylvanian blood, and also scandinavian! A very unique and explosive combination!my early childhood was predominated by the amazing work of my mother. A chief doctor and researcher, who gave me access to places no child could have!

Most of myfree time I used to study in medical laboratories and vast medical libraries. Examing the nature of humans! Their fears and suffering! Instead to play with dolls, I started to use my male classmates, as little guinea piggies, inflicting them ….pain ! I love giving pain! The other kids, used to call me “the witch”!!

Pain has been always a major turn on for me! When I infict pain ,im getting wet !Always !Soon I discovered the hidden truth concerning my own female superiority. At that moment ,begins the awakening of the goddess !Soon I realized the purpose of my existence . So rule over weak, pathetic, male creatures! So I became a dominatrix! Without any limits! Extreme!

Is domination somenthing I do for the money only? definetely not! Its a mystical spiritual journey, in the darkest depths of my soul! My way to express my own nature! Its my destiny to be served, and worshipped, as the supreme female goddess that I am! Males must realize that they are lower forms of life, created to be used by the supreme female ! I value honesty, devotion and intelligent people. I hate ,wannabes “so called slaves”, wankers, loosers and stupidity. My inner circle of slaves, are highly intelligent pets, who realize their purpose in life. To serve me, and the goddess within me! Its my way ,or the…….highway!

Caring Mistress
Mistress of BDSM
mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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