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mistress ingrid frost logo yellow
mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

Merchandise & Custom clips

For details how to purchase any of  my merchandise or custom clips, send me an email.

My Used Panties: Get a pair of lucky panties that have enjoyed my pussy and arsehole against them for 3 consecutive days. After a long day enjoying different types of activities my panties got marinated in my sweet juices, aromas and warm sweat. Sniff them, lick them and fantasize about your ultimate fetish AKA Ingrid Frost.


My Used Socks: Have you ever wondered how my feet smell? Then it`s time to treat yourself and get a pair of fancy socks imbibed in my fragrance. Different colours and designs available.

   My Used Pantyhose: Sheer and oh so awesome. Got my pussy scent and the fragrance of my feet imbibed in them. Pantyhose are the real deal if you want to sniff me from my pussy down to my toes.

Custom clips: Are you ready to watch me materializing your wildest dreams? If yes then get in touch. Custom orders can be filmed in FHD or 4K. Don`t forget to switch hands as you masturbate otherwise one of your arms might become hypertrophic.

Treats: Lollipoops, meringues covered in poop or oreos with shit, maybe some resin encased shit or some vacuum packed one…creative treats for the scat aficionados that want to savour and smell my organic truffles.

Other awesome services available: Want customized training? Nothing easier. Live domination or online training available. For more information regarding my services send me an email.

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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