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Video Collection 3

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5th Anniversary 
I know how to treat my slaves and I`m such a generous and kind soul. I always remember birthdays and anniversaries. Gosh, I`m so generous. I`m spoiling my caviar connoisseurs every time, yet this birthday cake is a masterpiece…oups, more like  a mistress piece of flamboyant excess.

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2nd Feeding 3rd Day
I can`t believe it. I still need to shit…ALOT! Wow, he`s a lucky boy. I`m feeding him with my feet. Watch my gorgeous pedicure; red toenails and rococo decorations. Clean feet before being dipped in the shit and then forcing them down the throat of my obedient servant, what a great fusion between scat play and foot fetish.

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Watch me abusing a willing prisoner as I make him enjoy and endure my big ass bouncing on his face as I fart. He`ll lick my red pvc boots covered in strawberry mousse. Enjoy!

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Neverending Scat Saga 
Such abundance, I should call it crapnucopia rather than cornucopia. Watch my pretty butthole dilating and evacuating the contents of my colon and rectum. I`m pushing out so much. See for yourself! Seeing is believing.

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