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mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

Video Collection 2

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Sensual Seduction
I am such a tease. Watch me spreading my legs and enjoying my pussy licked really well. Before that I`m just showing my sweet holes and I am pissing an indecent amount of golden nectar. My slave loves my pussy extra flavoured and that piss just gives it some extra piquancy.

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Gorgeous feet
Watch my amazing feet being worshiped. This is a daily ritual as I`m a big fan of having my feet licked by a greedy tongue. What a great feeling…having that moist tongue in between my toes, all over my perfect arches and heels. I am delighted by my slave`s licking skills.

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Hot Tinder Dates
I`m addicted to Tinder! Wanna see what I do to my victims? Oups…I meant Tinder Dates. Watch me fucking their butts. See me dipping my big dildos up their asses and making them gape. Will they be able to cum from prostate stimulation only? I don’t know and I don`t care, I just love thrusting deep and hard.

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Forced Ass Licking
Sweet delight turned into torture. I`m using the mouth of my slave for my pleasure, yeah once again he is worshiping me till his jaws get tired and his mouth gets dry. I am such an abusive bitch and that`s why y`all like me cuz I make you work for it. Yeah, I`m making you work for your meals. Watch the clip till the end and see me unload a mega pile of shit on my slave`s face.

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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