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Video Collection 1

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Rainbows and Unicorns
Marshmallow imbibed in my buttcrack sweat and scat. I`m more shameless than ever, I even decorate the hot and steamy pile of shit with edible rainbows and unicorns wafer.Taste the rainbow! Better than your wife`s cooking.

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Sticky Stinky Poop
I`m aiming to produce the stinkiest and stickiest poop and force my slave to consume it. Let`s see how much he likes me; will he be able to devour it or will he struggle and give up? Let`s find out. 

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Nun`s Sweet Arse
After baptizing the lucky bastard in my piss I`m just pooping on a lollipop. I`m rubbing the sweet tip of the candy against my slightly open butt hole and I`m ejecting more truffles. I`m such a snack. 

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A Hospitable Host 1
Who`s the best host ever? That`s ME. Duh! See how nice I treat my guests, I ride their faces and make them worship me till they can`t talk right. Stay tuned for some proper face riding. 

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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