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The Key To Orgasm

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The Key To Orgasm 1
I`m hiding the key of the chastity device locket in a hot and steamy pile of shit. Is my slave determined enough to find it and be allowed to orgasm like a “real man”? Or will he give up, defeated by the gynormous “lava cake”? Watch and see what is going to happen.

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The Key To Orgasm 2
What do you think, am I mean or am I really REALLY mean? That`s right, I am ULTRAMEAN! After consuming all that shit and managing to find the key to his chastity device lock, he still needs to fulfill one more task before he is allowed to reach orgasm like a “real man”. I`m pounding him deep and hard as I force him to hold in his hands cups filled with water. Will he spill any liquid? If he does then he can say goodbye to the luxury of pleasuring himself manually. Wanna know how it ended? Be brave and watch it till the end.

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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