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Scatstinktion Rebelion

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Scatstinktion Rebelion 1
A true sample of police brutality. Watch me AKA officer Ingrid Frost abusing a Scatstinktion Rebelion protester. I definitely know how to use a truncheon. After all, it`s made out of recyclable, recycled plastic. For sure my prisoner won`t starve and won `t feel thirsty as I will make him eat and drink some fancy organic stuff.

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Scatstinktion Rebellion 3
Last Day under arrest, uh…I`ll start missing my prisoner. Today is going to be extra special. I`m feeding him twice and use my truncheon in the most creative way. I make him feel the long, thick black truncheon deep up his arse. I`m rough and merciless. Needless to say, his last day under arrest has been a pain in the ass. 

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Scatstinktion Rebelion 2
Second day under arrest, it`s pretty obvious what I`ll do to my prisoner. He`ll suffer and endure my harsh treatment and excessive amount of scat. I`m littering the ginormous pile of shit with pork gelatine mini marshmallows and force him to consume all that. Despite being a vegan he`ll consume everything and thank me for it.

mistress ingrid frost logo yellow

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