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Days of Heaven

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First Day and Morning After
Three days under my holy holes. First day has started rather well, I`m using my guest in any way I want. He licks my boobs and cleans that whipped cream that I squirted on my beautiful breasts. I`m pissing in his mouth and make him hold the last mouthful in his mouth before allowing him to swallow. Let`s not forget I`m using him as a full trash and shit in his mouth twice.

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3rd Day of Heaven
Now I`m using my servant just as a full toilet. He consumes everything that comes out of my sweet holes. I get my butt licked, as you can tell I truly enjoy a pink moist tongue interacting with my butthole. 

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2nd Day of Heaven 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; yes, I totally agree with that. I`m forcing all this goodness down my slave`s throat, feed him till he loves it! Hey, probiotics, carbohydrates, plant matter, protein, undigested fats…it`s all he needs to start his day in a glorious way.

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