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A Crap Affair

Hotter than Hell


The Key to Orgasm

3 Days of Heaven

5th Anniversary

All About My Ass


Face Riding

Feeding Amelie

Flapper Using The Crapper

Forced Ass Licking

Gorgeous Feet

Hot Tinder Dates

My Slut`s Day Dream

Neverending Scat Saga

Nun`s Sweet Arse
After baptizing the lucky bastard in my piss I`m just pooping on a lollipop. I`m rubbing the sweet tip of the candy against my slightly open butt hole and I`m ejecting more truffles. I`m such a snack. 

I`m always getting creative, I use the face of one of my slaves as a toilet yet I`m collecting the shit and filling a silicone mold made for ice cubes with it. I`ll use the frozen scat cubes for the preparation of an exotic Poopeenacolada for my other kinky guest. What a treat! Lots of piss and butt licking too, what more do you want?

Scat POV
Sometimes less is more, not talking about the scat quantity though. It`s just that sometimes I enjoy filming some hot POV that I`m sharing with you guys. True performance art

Sensual Seduction
I am such a tease. Watch me spreading my legs and enjoying my pussy licked really well. Before that I`m just showing my sweet holes and I am pissing an indecent amount of golden nectar. My slave loves my pussy extra flavoured and that piss just gives it some extra piquancy.

Sticky Stinky Poop
I`m aiming to produce the stinkiest and stickiest poop and force my slave to consume it. Let`s see how much he likes me; will he be able to devour it or will he struggle and give up? Let`s find out. 

Sweaty Pussy
Just a teaser but an awesome close up. The description is in the title.

The Shitty Stiletto
After a rude but sweet intro, hear me fart and watch my pussy dew soaking my pantyhose. Feeding one of my slaves is always fun and I`m never getting bored of doing it over and over again. This time I dip my iridescent stiletto in shit and gently push it deep down my slave`s throat.

Treat for Solange
Can you imagine how fun is to be in Solange`s place? You can only dream about it and fantasize how awesome that hot and creamy megaload of shit is tasting and smelling. Keep on dreaming!

Vegan Shit
I am well known for my a la carte "truffles". Today I have prepared a vegan meal. Yes, I know...greens and nuts. My vegan delicate flower is going to enjoy her compost. Did my flower love that nutritious meal? Dare to watch!

Celine`s Anal Adventures
Celine is one of my favourite sluts. What a doll! She is good at everything...licking, drinking piss and even takes it up her ass like a veteran porn star. It`s always a pleasure to abuse my french petasse, she is such a passionate hoe and can definitely take a good thrashing.  

The Italian Chef
Food poising is no joking matter. After suffering such cruel fate, I’ve decided to kidnap the chef that prepared such a hazardous meal. I will enjoy the sweet taste of revenge and he will enjoy the taste of my shit. Justice will be served.  

Ready for some Soviet nostalgia? Search no further. Feast your eyes upon my decadent lifestyle and amazing roleplay. Turdsky Turdovsky gets abused more than a Gulag prisoner during a cold silent moonless night. He gets crushed under my butt, after that I`m pissing all over him yet that`s not all...he`s getting his arse raped then forced to taste his own butt juices as I fuck him arse to mouth. Needless to say, after all that, he can survive even the most brutal prison gang rape.
Well done Turdsky Turdovsky!