My kinky fans,

Almost every prof domme has comments about her on several online forums .We live in the times of the cyber booming and the search engines ,so that is normal . Almost under every online article in the media ,you will see comments from people beneath it . Some good and positive ,some others are just negative ,and some very rude and aggressive from people who are just very frustrated and full of anger .

It seems that is a mental relief for some people to express their emotions online .Safe for themselves as they usually don't use their real name but they are hiding behind nicknames = fake names . As logical human beings that we are supposed to be smartest than the animal kingdom ,nature gave us the LOGIC and the gift of THINKING in order to analyse ,compare and by using our logic and intuition to reach the Truth .Yet there are certain people so naïve ,or pathetic who just believe like blinds and without to use their mind and logic every anonymous comments that they are reading online from people who don't have the dignity to even use their name .

I started to work as a Prof domme in 2006 and at that time I was a teenager ,and many people they still remember my first movies while I was using on videos males as my toilet and also in other ways . At that time I used to live and work in Amsterdam /Holland . Recently I relocated to London . During the years that I was in Amsterdam ,I met some very extreme cases of people .For those who never been there ,Amsterdam is a very liberated city ,where pot /hash is legal , the adult business is very open and liberated for males and females ,and in the famous red light district ,they can buy all sort of drugs . During those years in Amsterdam some people used to visit me for a session under the influence of drugs . You cannot know what someone injected or sniffed before the session right ? In case I could notice that someone was coming to me stoned ,I was refusing to do a session .But if someone took something just few moments before ,you cannot notice it straight away .

So I had few cases that people came to meet me ,and under the influence of what they took ,they tried to force me to have sex with them or intimate contact ,against my will .Unfortunately some people are so ignorant and stupid that they think that BDSM /Domination is something like prostitution which is not . I was never a hooker and at my site is written clearly that I don't offer sexual or personal services . But many they don't even read .They just think that because a woman she is blonde with big boobs and round Ass ,that they can have anything they like .

During those years in Amsterdam ,I had several cases of people ( mostly English ) who tried to have " their way " with me during a session . Of course I kicked them out ,yet when someone is stoned and much bigger in size ,I had to use force to take them out . One of those he told me then ...." You will see what I will do to you ! I will go on forums and write many bad things about you !! "

In another case I had an English in his fifties,who came to me asking me to have a session of merciless caning and whipping . -" Please mistress I beg you don't stop when I scream or beg you for mercy ! I don't want any mercy ! If I scream and cry just go on and don't stop ,because if you do ,then I will loose every respect towards you ! Some other dommes ,they felt sorry and stopped after my first screamings and I told them that I had no respect for them and that I will never come back again ! Please crush me and brake me and don't stop ! I don't want any mercy ! " - . Usually in most of the cases ,I always give a "safe word " to those who need a hard session .When is "too much " for them ,then they can use it , and then im ending the session . But what about the small minority who are coming to me asking and begging me to have a "No Limit " session and without a " safe word " ? As a doctor ( being a prof domme is not my real profession ) ,I know well when to stop in such cases . That's why nobody ever died or had been damaged in my hands . So in his case after few strokes he started to scream and knowing what he was begging me to have of course, I let him scream for a while .

Few weeks later one of my fans informed me about a story on an English bdsm forum ,and when I read it I was shocked .As it was a totally fabricated story trying to present me as a "monster " , and that he suffered in my hands a painful experience ,and that he was happy he came out alive !!!! Of course on purpose , he ignored to say that it was HIS OWN WISH to have a no limit session , and that he was begging me to not listen to his screamings , because his wish it was to be totally broken . And of course he posted his fake story using a fake name .

Since that event in Amsterdam in 2010 ,im asking from everyone who is asking me for a " No Limit " session ,to give me his wishes written and signed before we start . Unfortunately some people are so unbalanced and confused that they don't know what they want . Those are the sort of people who can go in a steak house and complain why they serve only steaks !!! We cannot please everyone in this society .Anyhow by spreading a fake story about me with the hope to take his "revenge " ,he succeeded just the opposite . Since then I became known as a "No Limit " ,mistress ,and people who are into hard core domination ,they travel from Japan to Australia and from the States ,just to have a hard core session with me ! Of course I do also soft and erotica domination , not only hard ,but due to my videos ,I became known as a " No limit " and hard core domme . There are some people that they feel the NEED in order to feel "useful " in life ,to write all sort of fake stories about almost every domme and not only .

Even if i was a Saint ,someone like mother Theresa or Dalai Lama for instance ,they could STILL write all sort of fake stories ,even if they never met me in person ! I saw few years ago a totally fake comment ( anonymous of course ) from someone ,claiming that someone else replies my mails !!!! Its amazing how sick in mind some people are .Since the time I started to work as a domme ,I always reply all my mails in person and often I stay awake until morning hours in order to reply everything . Nobody can reply like me ,and as im very very discreet in what im doing , and I respect the need of privacy of people ,I always reply all my mails myself and of course before any meeting I always have a chat over the phone before to meet someone .

At my site there are many free movie trailers ,so you can hear how my voice sounds like , and people when they talk to me over the phone can recognize my voice so they are sure that they are talking with me . So be aware when you read anonymous fake comments on forums from mean people , who write all sort of lies even without to meet someone . This world is full of women haters ,frustrated people ,and hypocrites . Over the years I became known worldwide ,as a Top Domme . Im known also as I stated before , as a " No Limit " mistress ,because I can do things that very few can do . As long they are legal and don't put the life of someone at risk .

My movies can been seen in most of the known bdsm sites and my many fans they love to share them online .If I was not good in what im doing , I could disappear in few months as I could not be able to survive .When a restaurant does not offer good food ,one day will shut down right ? Yet in my case my popularity is expanding year by year and most of my clients always come back to me . In few years I became one of the most known dommes worldwide ! I was born a domme and I use to dominate years before to start as a prof . I Love using males as my slaves and gives me enormous pleasure to do so . Genuine people know what they want , and they don't believe what is written on gossiping sites by online trolls who are just frustrated from life . Our Mind is like a parachute .Is working the best when is OPEN !

This statement has been written for those naïve people ( hopefully they are a small percentage ) who read anonymous comments from online trolls without to use their logic about their motivations . Under almost every article in all the online media channels , from CNN to NBC ,to BBC ,to Huffington post and so many others ,there are anonymous comments from readers .When someone he is rude and offensive usually the site monitors they delete them .Unfortunately on bdsm forums such a system does not exist . We live in a society that lies and gossiping and spreading mud and lies online is part of the daily routine of many people who have nothing else to do .

People who are addicted on facebook and gossiping forums , and they feel the need to write comments about everyone , just because it gives them a "purpose " in life ! I felt the need after many years of silence to share with you , my thoughts about anonymous comments on forums . Be kinky , and be daring ,but don't be like a sheep to eat and digest online grass from cyber trolls and frustrated people .USE YOUR LOGIC AND INTUITION FIRST ! As I said the Mind is like a Parachute .It works the best when is OPEN ! Have that in mind .

Kinky regards !

Ingrid Frost