Here is my interview in darkside magazine


Darkside: Please tell us about yourself (where you were born, your goals and ambitions etc)  I was  born in Sweden by a Hungarian mother and a Swedish father. Due to the fact that my father  passed away when I was very young, I was raised   by my mother and grandmother. Both of them were  very loving towards me but also very dominant in life and towards men also. My mother and grandmum came from a family with a long tradition of matriarchy, so I was raised with their own values.

My mother was an academic in the medical sector and due to her work we were travelling a lot all over Europe. Her second husband, also cuckold, was her total slave and he was serving us as a maid in the house, so it was natural and normal to me to give orders and be strict towards males from a very young age.

Darkside: So how did your dominant side develop?

At school I was a rebel in spirit and I was beating boys just for my own fun and pleasure. Soon I made a name for myself as ‘the boys beater’! I was 14 years old when, with the help of another girl  (my best friend at school), we restrained a boy and –  despite his screams and tears – I had used him as my full toilet! I remember it was so intense at that  moment; he was crying and begging me to not do it, but the more he was begging, the more excited and sadistic I became. And I had done it with enormous pleasure!
Years later I realized that to have a male totally helpless and at my total mercy was really turning me on! This experience had such an impact on him that a few months later he (the boy, now a man) came to me asking me to use him again, and that was the most humiliating but also  the most exciting experience he ever had, so he became my first slave and human  toilet!

After finishing school I went on vacations  in Greece as I was fascinated with the old  history and culture of the Greeks ever since I was a child. But I was particularly impressed by the Amazons. The female   warriors that no male could mess with really grabbed my attention. Sometimes I was thinking that maybe I was an Amazon  myself in a previous life! 

Darkside: How did your career in domination begin?

In Greece I started to work as a professional dominatrix for the very first  time, with great success! The local males   were adoring me because of my power and Scandinavian looks.  

After Greece I moved to the Netherlands  to study in the medical sector, and in order  to cover my costs as a student, I started  to work there as a dominatrix too. The  atmosphere and the freedom of Amsterdam was ideal for me. 

From there, I started to work in Amsterdam  and sometimes in Germany, and soon I  became known as a ‘NO LIMIT Mistress’!  Why ‘no limits’? Because I was able to do  things that nobody else could do; literally, I can do anything in bdsm as long as it is  between adults, is safe and is legal.  

Men were travelling from as far away as Japan or Australia just to be my toilet for a few days, or even to be castrated! All my foreign clients were telling me that it was impossible in their countries to meet  someone without taboos or limits, and who  could enjoy using men in the most extreme  ways. 
In Amsterdam I started   filming my first videos, and my movies made me known worldwide. 

Darkside: What do you consider is unique about yourself? 

What do I consider   unique about me? I don’t  pretend I’m somenthing  I’m not. I am always myself, and it gives me  enormous pleasure to use   men as my slaves. It is not  something that I do just   for the money; I LOVE  what I do. A real Mistress  is NOT just anyone who is  wears a pair of boots and  some latex! It is someone  who enjoys and loves to    dominate! It is someone   who is getting pleasure  and excitement when she   is using a slave! Personally, the more I humiliate or   use a slave, the more   pleasure I am getting.  Often, I could reach an  orgsam while I am using   a slave; the more extreme  the use, the more pleasure  I am getting!  

Darkside: Do you get travel much for your work?

The last few years I was  travelling a lot, especially  in USA and Japan. But as  a result I neglected to do  more movies like I did before. My fans worldwide were asking me when  they could see new  movies, but I was so busy  with sessions abroad that  I had no time for everything. This will change  soon, and I have great  news for my fans; I have started filming again, and  I am going to produce a  massive video production   outlet with new and very   kinky movies in several    European locations. Besides that, a new website will be coming out    which will feature my movies. I am planning later  on to do mostly movies and  limit the sessions as much as possible because I need plently of time to dedicate  to my movie projects. Maybe from time to time I  will make a tour to the USA and Japan where I am very well known and adored; I love to work there. But with videos I can reach millions  of people who can enjoy  me in their mind and fantasies. I want to be the centre of the kinky dreams  for millions of people, and  through my videos that’s  the easiest way!   

Darkside: What do you look for in a potential client/slave?

Most of my current clients are married and mature  people; I like mentally balanced and reliable slaves. Timewasters turn me off!

Darkside: Do you use slaves in everyday life? 

In  my personal  life I always have a 24/7 live-in slave. But my slave is NOT my lover! A slave has  other duties in order to please me and make my life more enjoyable. Someone, in order to be my 24/7 personal slave, must be intelligent, loyal and mentally balanced. They must have a sense of humour humor as I don’t like moody people; I love to laugh with what I OWN and they must also be willing to be used as my   personal living toilet (full toilet) on a daily basis.

It gives me enormous pleasure to use the  mouth of my slave as my toilet! I believe every  woman should have a living male toilet! But unfortunately very few women are aware of their power. 

Darkside: If you weren’t a dominatrix, what other career would you have?

Being a dominatrix was never my only career, as I have one in the  medical sector too, so I guess I woul dbe doing something in that area if I wasn’t doing this. 

Darkside: What do you like doing in your spare time? 

I love travelling; training my curvy and muscular body; eating healthy and delicious food; nature; outdoor activities and much more. And one  of my greatest passions is animals. I love animals! And writing! Writing gives me wings to fly with my  mind into other realms; bizarre and fascinating  realms. 

My first novel will be published soon, and no, it is NOT related to bdsm! Later on I plan to write my own memoirs as a dominatrix.

Darkside: Where do you see yourself in the future? 

In few years I see myself in a big mansion with a farm, plenty of  animals, and, of course, some selected slaves  to serve me in private!

Darkside: In your view, do you think the bdsm scene has changed over the years?

The bdsm scene has indeed changed a lot over the years, in some  positive and also in some  negative ways.Let me start with the negative  ones. Many prostitutes   appeared on the scene, mainly from eastern Europe, without any idea about what real domination is. They damaged  the scene a lot.

A hooker who is using a strapon or can pee on you is NOT a dominatrix! By offering sexual services, together with some fetishes and elements from bdsm, they created a very  bad name for  the scene. Due to the fact that many people are getting confused, they are thinking that they can also have sex with a Mistress! 

Personally I don’t offer sexual services as real domination is an ART and has nothing to do with prostitution. About the positive changes of  the last few years; one is the expansion of the Internet, as many  people now can watch and download alsorts of bdsm movies. Also, they can use the Internet to be   more educated about the scene.  About 90% of my clients have seen  my videos before they meet me, so they know what I do and what they will get in person. Years before the Internet, that was  impossible. Personally, I would love people to watch my movies for many years ahead and be part of their dreams.  I love the idea of being the main  figure in peoples’ kinkiest dreams! Also, by watching me in action – besides having  fun and pleasure – people can escape from the   trials and problems of daily life.
One of my fans lives in Syria, a country that has been totally destroyed by war. He often sends me his paintings of how he visualizes himself serving me, and telling me that by watching my movies, he can forget the problems of living in a country without peace. I’m glad  that I have such a positive impact in the lives of people who live in such terrible conditions. You see, if there was not  the technology, if the Internet didn’t exist, many people could never know that I exist! Facebook is selling the data  of  people and companies just to make money, but I don’t sell the data of people  to anybody. I give PLEASURE to people, either in  person or via my movies; I am the  alternative to Facebook! Yet I am much safer  and much more addictive – in  a  nice way! 

Darkside: What is your motivation to do what you do? 
As a Domme, my main goal and motivation has always been to express my own nature as a dominant kinky woman. I am also motivated to have fun and enjoy my  life. Like a football player or a  tennis player or any other athlete, a sports person knows  that he cannot play forever; I am  also aware that I will not do domination until I become old.That’s why I will create a lot of amazing movies to leave behind me; so many generations to enjoy watching me, even when one day I’m not on this planet anymore. I strongly  believe that every human being  could leave somenthing good and  positive behind, when he /she leaves this stage which we call  life. Right now and in the coming  months and years, I have so much more to do and enjoy. I am  a cosmic traveller in life and I will never stop to explore and do what gives me pleasure and joy. 

Darkside: You are obviously a deep thinker Ingrid!  

Yes I am! And by observing our society, I believe that one of the main reasons that our society is in such a mess today is due to  the fact that in most of the countries  the leaders are males! Have you  ever seen wars started by female  leaders in recent years? Are not   all the wars based on decisions made by males who are often  thinking with their dick? I hope one  day more women to be in power as world leaders and change this unfair and insane society that is made up  by males! In the distant past, older cultures used to exist where women used to have much more  power and control. But who knows what  the future will bring. What I do know is that the female is synonymous with the Creation. The  female creates and sustain life;  therefore she needs to be respected, rule, and worshipped!